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The Network Foods Group is involved in manufacturing, export, marketing and distribution of chocolate and confectionery. The Food Division’s manufacturing and export activities are undertaken by Network Foods Industries Sdn Bhd (“NFISB”) which owns a chocolate factory in Shah Alam, Selangor while its export, marketing and distribution activities are undertaken byNetwork Foods Industries Sdn Bhd,, Network Foods (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Network Foods (Hong Kong) Limited and Network Foods Distribution Pte Ltd.

The chocolates manufactured by the Food Division are mainly exported to more than 30 countries and territories.. In addition to manufacturing its own brand chocolates, namely Tango, Crispy, Tudor Gold and Kandos, it also produces chocolates of private labels for OEM customers. The majority of the Network Foods Group’s revenue comes from its own brand chocolates.

The Food Division’s objective is to produce affordable, quality chocolates for the mass markets in Asia.  The group capitalises on its manufacturing and R&D capabilities to upgrade its products,  while, at the same time, aggressively build business partnerships in Asia.

Food industry
Products Export
30 countries and territories, mostly in Asia
Chocolate Brands
Tango, Crispy, Tudor Gold, Kandos, and private labels for OEM customers