The MUI Group recognises its duty as a responsible corporate citizen. We are firmly committed to the principles and practice of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Our CSR initiatives are rooted in the universal belief that every organisation owes a duty to act responsibly for the good of its employees, customers, shareholders, the communities in which it operates, the environment and society at large. The Group's CSR involvement is summarised under the following broad headings:
The Group believes in sharing its success with the community.  In addition to ensuring that its products and services meet the high standards of quality, safety and value, the Group, through its various businesses, actively supports various charity projects, healthcare and education institutions, and community events. For over a decade now, the Group has offered patronage , and support to the Selangor Philharmonic Society, and help promote local performing arts.
The Group strives to provide a safe, healthy and fair workplace environment.  Its management ensures that good practices are observed in occupational safety of the workplace.  Every business assigned a senior staff member to head the OSHA committee which meets periodically to review workplace practices relating to occupational safety, hygiene, sanitation, first aid and fire safety.
One of the underlying principles of the Group's business philosophy is its sense of fair play in business practices. Ethical engagement with the marketplace is something the Group takes seriously. In this regard, the Group strives to deliver products and services that meet the criteria of value, safety, quality, and satisfaction to its customers and clients. The Group offers quality products and services to its customers, while, at the same time, ensuring ethical sourcing to promote human rights. Its businesses constantly engage with external stakeholders to understand customer and market feedbacks.
The Group recognises the importance of environmental protection and preservation in all its business operations. Its businesses support efforts that promote a cleaner and healthier environment in their day-to-day activities. Procedures that ensure sound environmental practices are encouraged in its hotels, retail outlets, and manufacturing plant. In its township development, homes are developed with generous provisions of landscaped spaces and social infrastructure.



  • The Group sponsored RM50,000 for the World Chinese Economic Forum 2018 held from 9 November to 10 November 2018.
  • Pan Malaysia Corporation Berhad donated RM10,000 to Semoa Bhd, a registered non-profit and non-governmental organisation, focused on improving the lives of Orang Asli children. The organisation currently houses 90 school-going children at its Semoa’s Orang Asli Education Centre (OAEC) in Raub, Pahang.
  • The Network Foods group launched a community initiative called ‘Jom Sekolah’ for the children of Kampung Orang Asli Kerling (KOA Kerling) in Hulu Selangor. Its aim is to reduce the school drop-out rate for these children, offering rewards for their attendance and school performance. The food group also sponsored a children’s playground for the community.
  • Corus Hotels in the United Kingdom continued to support local community projects and offered assistance to local charities. Corus Hotel Hyde Park supported Mind, Mental Health Charity 2019, Victoria Park Run Through Event, Windsor Colour Obstacle Rush and a staff bake-off.
  • As its continuing CSR project, Laura Ashley donated over £160,000 to Newlife and British Red Cross.
  • The Metrojaya group focuses its efforts on children and continues to spread warmth and joy during festive seasons to underprivileged children. This year, some of its staff spent time with the children from the Good Samaritan Home in Klang and Rumah Kasih Nurul Hasanah in Ukay Heights, Kuala Lumpur for Chinese New Year and Hari Raya, respectively.
  • Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur continued to support disadvantaged children from orphanages or foster homes by providing hotel meals during festive occasions and donating food items to several homes.
  • Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur also joined hands with World Vision Malaysia to host ‘Sponsors Unite!’ to raise public consciousness of the plight of underprivileged children around the world, and raising donations for them.
  • Similarly, Corus Paradise Resort Hotel also supported a number of charities in Port Dickson.
  • West Synergy made donations of about RM20,000 to various homes and welfare organisations.